ᴀ ғᴀᴍɪʟʏ ᴀғғᴀɪʀ Episode 8

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Story line

"I was so excited when the project was pitched to me. The story is very beautiful and different. It's not just drama. It's very seductive, steamy, sexy, thrilling, and mysterious,” she said. “If it is produced by ABS-CBN, I know it's world-class.” Meanwhile, her co-stars Gerald and Sam teased that their characters, Paco and Dave, would reveal a different side of them. "Paco is the first character in the series to fall in love with her (Cherry Red) and he is willing to chase after her. That's where his world revolves,” Gerald explained.“He'll do anything for her, despite the fact that she did not initially reciprocate his feelings.I took it as a challenge for my character to win her heart no matter what.” Sam, on the other hand, said that this is his first time portraying a character with inner conflict and family obligations. He said, "The characters I have portrayed in the past were straightforward. Here, Dave places a premium on the family. He is the oldest in the family.His inner struggle sets him apart from the other characters I've created in the past." The series revolves around Cherry Red (Ivana), a beautiful woman who gets adopted by the Estrellas. During her stay in the mansion, she forms unique relationships with the Estrella brothers, particularly with Dave (Sam), her first love, and Paco (Gerald), her fiancé.

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