ɪ ᴀᴍ ᴜ Episode 6 Finale

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Story line

After the untimely death of her sister, Celine, Elise (Julia Barretto) is suddenly experiencing some uncanny things around her. She feels she is being followed around. But what she sees is an image of herself. Turns out that Elise has a doppelganger named Rose. Rose rescues Elise one afternoon after she was almost hit by a car. Rose looks exactly like Elise, but the similarities end there. Rose is a working student barely making ends meets. Out of curiosity, Elise invites Rose into her life. She introduces Rose to her friends, her family, even her boyfriend Kyle (Tony Labrusca). To Elise's dismay, they develop a fondness for Rose that equals, or maybe surpasses the fondness they have for her. Soon, it's becoming clear that inviting Rose into her life is a big mistake. In a party that changes everything, Elise bullies Rose into hiding inside a closet during a game of “Truth or Dare.” While inside, an accidental fire ensues, leaving Rose locked in. Elise and her friends cover up the tragedy and think everything is behind them–until one by one, they fall to their mysterious deaths. Who will be left unscathed? How are the deaths linked to Rose's demise?

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