ᴜɴʟɪsᴛᴇᴅ Episode 3

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Story line

From the most accessible to the far-flung areas in the Philippines, Robi Domingo and Sue Ramirez travel to the most underrated and even unusual destinations most tourists do not have on their bucket list. Together they explore and experience places off the beaten path and leave it to viewers to decide if they want to keep it unlisted, or list it – as their next travel destination. Many local destinations have earned a notoriety for one reason or another, reasons that have kept these places off the bucket lists of many. An isolated incident, myths, and urban legends can brand a place for life. This single anecdote, whether true or unfounded, becomes the single most enduring impression in the minds of Filipinos. Unlisted finds out the truth behind these impressions and breaks false assumptions by uncovering the true stories of these locations. In its first season, UNLISTED braves four places around the country: rebel-infested Rizal; home of aswangs Capiz; poverty-stricken Samar; and the decaying Manila capital. After each episode, viewers will see if these age-old impressions hold up today or if they want to list it as their new travel goal. Join hosts Robi and Sue as they travel all over the Philippines like you've never seen it before.

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